Loupe Face Shield - Box of 10

Loupe Face Shield - Box of 10

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Designed by Dentist for Dentists.  Our newest Version of our Face Shield is designed so your Loupes will fit comfortably and additionally you can adjust the velcro strap  to the tightness that you desire.  Our Face Shields are easy to clean and very lightweight.  Made from Medical Grade Foam that forms a Seal at your forehead,  making  for additional protection  from splatter which the CDC highly recommends.  Our shields extend well below the chin and wrap around almost to your ear.  The shield is made from a clear polycarbonate plastic that arrives with a protective coating to both sides.  removed.untill

  • Loupe Face Shields - Sold in Box of 10

    Our Loupe Face Shields can be purchased in a box 10.  They are $ 25.00 per face shield.  Each new face shield is shipped with a Protective Coating to Both Sides of the Polycarbonate to ensure a Clear View.  Onced removed, you have a clear Protective Face Shield.  We recommend cleaning with soap and water or a common disinfectant.

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